Timbits Apple Fritter (Canada)


Introducing Timbits Apple Fritter Cereal - a delicious breakfast treat that captures the classic flavor of the iconic Tim Hortons Timbits Apple Fritter. Made with high-quality ingredients, this cereal is a tasty way to start your day.

With every bite, you'll savor the irresistible taste of real apple pieces, cinnamon, and a touch of sweetness. The crispy cereal pieces are shaped like miniature Timbits, making this cereal a fun and nostalgic way to enjoy your morning meal.

Perfect for kids and adults alike, Timbits Apple Fritter Cereal is a satisfying and convenient breakfast option. It comes in a 311g box, making it easy to store in your pantry and grab a quick bowl whenever you need a snack.

Whether you're a fan of Tim Hortons or just looking for a tasty new breakfast option, Timbits Apple Fritter Cereal is sure to satisfy your cravings. Try it today and experience the delicious taste of Timbits in a new, convenient form.