Oreo Super Mario (Limited Edition)


Introducing the Oreo Super Mario Limited Edition – a delightful crossover of gaming and sweet indulgence. These cookies offer a nostalgic treat for gamers and cookie enthusiasts alike.

Step into a world of pixelated delight with our Oreo Super Mario Limited Edition cookies. Adorned with iconic Super Mario characters, each bite brings back the magic of classic video game moments while delivering the classic Oreo taste you adore.

Indulge in the perfect harmony of rich chocolate cookies and velvety vanilla cream filling. The Oreo Super Mario Limited Edition offers an irresistible taste sensation that caters to all palates.

But it's more than just a treat – it's a collectible treasure. Whether displayed on your gaming shelf or enjoyed during Mario Kart races with friends, these cookies encapsulate the spirit of gaming adventure in every bite.

Featuring a limited edition package, this collaboration is a true collector's item. Each Oreo Super Mario cookie is a piece of edible art that brings the world of Super Mario to life, even if just for a snack.

The Oreo Super Mario Limited Edition is your invitation to savor nostalgia and flavor simultaneously. But act fast, as with any quest, these cookies are available for a limited time only. Get yours today and level up your snacking experience.