Oreo Star Wars (Lmt Ed) 303g


Embark on an intergalactic flavor journey with the new limited edition Star Wars Oreos! Prepare for movie nights like never before as you delve into these delectable treats packed with references to the iconic sci-fi saga.

Featuring two tantalizing versions, representing the eternal struggle between the dark and light sides of the Force, these specialty cookie sets promise an element of surprise with identical packaging concealing their true allegiance. Will you succumb to the dark side or embrace the light? The choice is yours, revealed only when you peel open the container.

Wrapped in packaging adorned with hand-painted artwork by the legendary Star Wars poster artist Greg Hildebrandt, these Oreos pay homage to the series' rich history and passionate fan base. Surrounding a massive Oreo adorned with red and blue Lightsabers, beloved characters from the Star Wars universe await discovery, adding an extra layer of excitement to every bite.

Unveil your destiny with every delicious twist, as you ponder the age-old question: Dark Side or Light Side? Let the Force guide your taste buds as you indulge in the ultimate snack experience, brought to you by the perfect fusion of Star Wars and the classic Oreo.