Haribo Langues Acides (France)


Introducing Haribo Langues Acides (France), a tantalizing treat that will transport your taste buds on a whirlwind adventure of sweet and sour sensations! These delightful gummy candies are a beloved classic in France, and once you try them, you'll understand why.

Each bag of Haribo Langues Acides is filled with a rainbow of vibrant, tongue-twisting flavors that dance across your palate. From zesty lemon to tangy cherry, and everything in between, these candies offer a symphony of tastes that will keep you coming back for more.

What sets these gummies apart is their mouth-puckering sourness that's perfectly balanced with just the right amount of sweetness. It's a harmonious blend that keeps you craving that addictive contrast of flavors.

Crafted with care by Haribo, a trusted name in confectionery for generations, these Langues Acides are made with high-quality ingredients and adhere to stringent quality standards. You can feel confident indulging in these delectable treats.

Whether you're sharing them with friends and family, adding them to your candy buffet, or simply keeping them all to yourself, Haribo Langues Acides (France) are the ideal choice for those who crave a bold burst of fruity flavor with a tantalizing twist. Treat yourself to a taste of France with these irresistible gummy candies and experience a mouthwatering journey like no other!